Plant Health Products

Ele-Max K-Leaf

Ele-Max is a line of high quality micronutrients and foliar nutritional blends formulated specifically for plant nutrition. They are manufactured from high-purity raw ingredients, with balanced crop nutrition and crop safety as the primary concern. The Ele-Max line consists of high-analysis products available in liquid concentrates (LC) and liquid flowables (FL).

Coron Metra

Coron Metra is a foliar fertilizer that provides customers with a safe, efficient controlled-release nitrogen source by combining Coron with ENC Formulation Technology. It provides a steady release of nutrition to help build stronger, more productive plants.With ENC Formulation Technology, it enhances tank mix compatibility and increases nutrient uptake to help correct plant nutrient deficiencies.


Orbix is a next-generation foliar nutritional that helps produce vigorous, higher-yielding crops by strengthening the plant's natural defenses and providing critical crop nutrition. It contains 8-5-3 NPK plus vital micronutrients, select plant extracts and ENC® Formulation Technology.


Hydra-Hume is a fertilizer efficiency tool designed to help you get more from the valuable fertilizer you apply. It increases fertilizer uptake, and helps retain nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil for greater utilization and less leaching. Hydra-Hume helps prevent nutrient tie-up by improving nutrient availability, while improving soil structure and aggregation to allow for better water movement.


Megafol is a foliar nutrient supplement (3-0-8) that strengthens crop vitality and helps crops recover more quickly from growing stresses. It contains a precision nutrient solution of nitrogen and potassium containing plant extracts in a highly soluble form. The plant extracts are derived from vegetable matter through enzymatic hydrolysis rather than chemical extraction, which helps maintain their quality and integrity. The action of Megafol’s ingredients in foliar crop applications can improve overall plant performance and yield potential.

Plant Health Products