Plant Health Products

Asset RS

Asset RS is a special formulation that is designed to mix easily with your starter fertilizer. This can result in even more agronomic benefits from the unique fertilizer additive that’s been proven effective on many crops across the nation.


A true liquid, controlled-release nitrogen has been scientifically formulated to deliver highly effective foliar nutrition to crops and other commercially grown plants with maximum efficiency and crop safety.

Elemax ENC

ENC is a unique foliar fertilizer that includes the major elements – NPK – plus Boron, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Cobalt and Molybdenum.


This unique blend of methylated seed oils and surfactants is designed exclusively for burn-down, desiccation and industrial weed control applications. Fire-Zone gives you the adjuvant firepower to get peak performance from burn-down herbicides.


In one product, Hel-Fire increases weed absorption of active ingredients, improves spray deposition, and prevents antagonisms caused by poor water quality.


Increases nitrogen fertilizer efficiency, and with longer "hang time".


Megafol is a highly specialized and useful foliar fertilizer that helps a crop recover from stress more quickly by increasing plant metabolism and nutrient uptake.

TraFix Zn

A specialized, liquid zinc product that can put extra zip in your zinc application. This new, unique formulation contains high-quality ingredients for superior results and value-added agronomic benefits for your corn crop.

Plant Health Products

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