Fertilizer Products



Applying liquid fertilizer in the fall can be very beneficial to decomposition of corn stalks. Bunker Hill offers liquid suspension fertilizer in several different analyses.



Provides nutrients that are combined in a patented production process. Every MicroEssentials SZ granule contains four vital nutrients – nitrogen (12%), phosphorus (40%), zinc (1%), and sulfur (10%) – all more evenly distributed than separate applications. Phosphorus, sulfur, and zinc are in a ratio that benefits most crops due to key nutrient interactions. This formulation also makes MicroEssentials easier for plants to use throughout the growing season!


Nucleus HP

Nucleus HP is a high performance 8-24-4 starter fertilizer that gives your crops a jump start on strong, early growth. It’s a unique 50/50 ortho/polyphosphate blend that is tank mix friendly and can be applied at lower rates than 10-24-0 or 11-37-0.


This custom-made blend is applied at planting time for quicker emergence and root development.

Plant Health Products

"I have been working with Bunker Hill Supply for 10 years. People, products, value, and service are four things that come to mind when I think of Bunker Hill Supply. They make sound agronomic recommendations to their customers and are also willing to look at new technology as agronomic practices change to increase the bottom line for their growers."

Tim Walsh
Syngenta Representative